Leading Exporter of Rice & Other Agri Products From Pakistan


Ever since man began consuming food, rice has been a part of his staple diet. Today rice sustains over two-thirds of the world's population, clearly highlighting its importance as a major food product and Pakistan is highly known for its supreme and finest quality of Basmati rice. Exclusively grown in the Punjab. It is known for its fine texture, Slender Grain and length.

As suggested by the name Basmati -"The Fragrant One". It emanates a tantalizing aroma. Scintillating the senses. Exotically rich in taste Basmati culminates in its own unique delicate taste and texture.

Basmati rice has three varieties that are appreciated all across the world. Kernel, the king of basmati is acknowledged as the world's finest rice. With a taste fit for the connoisseur. Extra long grain basmati rice, super basmati, at par with kernel, is an upcoming variety, with a rapid increase in demand by the day.

Meskay and femtee pvt Limited picks the best of the grain and Quality Vigilance System ensures that every grain is true to its nature. We process all varieties of rice grown in Pakistan with utmost care i.e.

Basmati PK-385 is in a class by itself. One of the most popular and widely used varieties of rice. Best known for its long slender grain, fine texture and aroma. which is when cooked remains thin and slender like needles and tastes which is parallel to none.

Pakistan also produces two other varieties of rice i.e. IRRI-9 and PK-386. These are non-basmati but have some characteristics like basmati. They both cook like basmati and PK-386 looks exactly like PK-385 without the aroma and the chalky belly.