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Intellectual Assets

Our continuous achievement depends upon quick analysis and effective responses to the changing customer behaviors, demands and dynamics of international market. We are “Committed to customer satisfaction, quality, ethics and fairness in business” and therefore we constantly seek out highly motivated, dynamic people who are specialized in their respective fields to join our family.

Apart from hiring able and qualified people, we believe they must also be provided appropriate skills to succeed and grow as individuals. This is why we are dedicated to continuously invest in its most valuable resources through constant training and workshops for the staff. We value our Human Resources and to improve their productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, we have designed planned process which is effectively implemented to ensure training, awareness, competence and development for the purpose to better utilization of talents, abilities and potential of employees.

Training needs will be assessed by immediate supervisor / Department Head for their sub ordinates by analyzing the performance gap between actual and expected performance. Training needs will be assessed by following ways:

1.Performance Appraisal & Employee Development Form.
2.Training Need Assessment Form.M 
HR department will analyze the need & select the training type keeping in view the budget, impact of training, job performance etc. There are two types of training as follows:
1. In-House Training

Based on training needs, HR will select the trainer and resources from within the Organization. In house training includes effective communication, customer service, team building and technical & safety skills. Employees will respond better to in-house trainers because they’re familiar with the person and the workplace.

2.External Training

Out-of-house training will be given by sending employees to one-day seminars, college courses or workshops. External training will provide new skills, stimulates creative ideas and instills employee commitment, which will be brought back to the workplace. Employees will more likely show initiative, and be motivated. Though they seem costly, these training opportunities will be seen as an employee perk, something to reward or inspire superb workers.


Meskay & Femtee (Pvt.) Ltd. welcomes new recruits, we're always looking for professional and talented individuals who thrive on team work and innovation. We strive to achieve employee satisfaction and career growth options. If you wish to be a part of the Meskay & Femtee family, please submit your resume at the below given E-mail Address.